About Motivate

When migrants arrive in their hosting country, some have degrees, qualifications. But it’s really hard and take lot of time to get the recognition. For some people, they didn’t have time to get them before to leave their country. In many European countries, refugees who are able to secure employment are overrepresented in sectors with a large incidence of unskilled low-paid employment

Skills mismatch has a negative influence at both the aggregate level and individual level. A prolonged unemployment can negatively affect the community (lower labour productivity growth, lost in production associated to vacancies remaining unfilled, costs of higher unemployment rates)

The partnership will promote people’s right to access services they need to re-engage in training, thus preventing social exclusion. 

The purpose of the motivate partnership is to offering migrants, refugees and asylum seekers a more efficient way to increase and develop a “cocktail” of basic and transversal skills (language, digital, employability) in order to enable them to participate fully in society, fostering their ability to complete and to manage successfully transitions in the labour market of their host community, using non-formal learning methods and a strong mentoring support, 

This necessitates languages teachers and social workers, instructors, and employment advisers who provide counselling on the spot, to be skilled enough to add element of counselling, mentoring, referral to specialised support services – via services offered directly (as the municipality) or by orienting them to the appropriate service providers