Intellectual Outputs

  • IO1: MOTIVATE Course for Professionals by Integration för Alla

Training program aiming at increasing language teachers and social workers competences and ability to deal with the project’s products. The training program contains instructions on how to run the MOT-PRO for migrants, how to coach them in getting results, and measure their performance.

  • IO2: MOTIVATE Programme for Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers by KulturLife gGmbH

It is a learning programme addressed to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in need to improve language, employability, ICT skills, to strengthen key and employability competences.

  • IO3: MOTIVATE Skills angels for community involvement by FAAL DERNEĞI

It is a learning programme for “skill angels”, meaning non-educators (prospective employees, stakeholders, people who “worked their way up”, employees, social enterprises, entrepreneurs, etc) necessary for fostering migrants’ work and social insertion.